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in February 2022

BRAUNSCHWEIG: Continuation of talks

From left: Thomas Knüppel, Anke Heverhagen, Dr. Nils Köhler, Lisa Quade, Dr.-Ing. Sabine C. Langer, Roland Remus; Photo: Thomas Knüppel

On Nov. 5 of last year, the project team had handed over the documentary ZUFLUCHT-ZUVERSICHT-ZUKUNFT to Dr. Nils Köhler (Division Director Documentation & Research) at the Berlin Documentation Center for Displacement, Expulsion and Reconciliation. On the occasion of this handover, possibilities were also discussed as to how the project results could find a place in the Documentation Center.

On Jan. 31, 2022, these possibilities were now further substantiated during a visit of Dr. Köhler and Lisa Quade (both oft the Documentation Center) in Braunschweig. In a short presentation, the Braunschweig project team began by giving its guests an overview of the project from its beginning in 2017 to the present day. During a subsequent guided tour through the set-up exhibition, Ms. Quade and Dr. Köhler were able to get an on-site impression of the scope of the exhibition and the available exhibits. Both were impressed by the project and agreed to take over the entire project into the archive of the Documentation Center.

The Braunschweig project team is very pleased with this decision, as the researched stories of displacement and expulsion can thus be given an appropriate place in the collective memory and preserved at the Berlin Documentation Center. In this way, the project results will also be made accessible to future generations and to scientific research.

To the Documentation Center


in November 2021

BERLIN: Handover of the documentary film ZUFLUCHT-ZUVERSICHT-ZUKUNFT

From left: Dr. Nils Köhler, Roland Remus, Thomas Knüppel, Anke Heverhagen, Dr.-Ing. Sabine C. Langer; Photo: Thomas Knüppel

On November 5, 2021, the team behind the documentary, ZUFLUCHT-ZUVERSICHT-ZUKUNFT, traveled to Berlin to visit the Documentation Center Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation. Thomas Knüppel (filmmaker), Anke Heverhagen (production assistance), Dr.-Ing. Sabine C. Langer (project idea & editing) and Roland Remus (project idea & editing) met with Dr. Nils Köhler, the head of the Documentation & Research department.

In atmosphere of appreciation, the group exchanged ideas about the Documentation Center as a place of learning and remembrance, and how the team’s documentary fit closely with the Center’s role. The group considered how the film, as well as the influence and effect of the film, might fold into the Center’s work.  Both sides agreed to stay in contact with each other.

Afterwards, the project team handed over the film to Dr. Nils Köhler. This was a special and emotional moment for the team, especially since the film and thus the experiences of the contemporary witnesses have found a place at the central memorial in Germany for flight, expulsion and resettlement.

To the Documentation Center


in August and September 2021


Impressions from the reopening of the exhibition

photo: Thomas Knüppel


REOPENING Aug. 28 – Sept. 5, 2021

Photos, videos and exhibits document the experiences of expulsion and flight of the women and men who came to make their home in Essenrode.

Movie night


The Bürgerverein Essenrode e.V. will show the documentary, ZUFLUCHT – ZUVERSICHT – ZUKUNFT, in the riding hall on the Essenrode estate.



Contemporary witnesses take us to the places that were significant for the arriving refugees, describing the perspectives of those arriving and those receiving them.



Drawing from twelve individual interviews, Filmmaker Thomas Knüppel has created the sensitive and touching documentary film ZUFLUCHT–ZUVERSICHT–ZUKUNFT.

Event flyer

All info and dates for the events can be found in this flyer as pdf. download.

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